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A1 Support and A1 Support Pro require a web server running:

  • Perl 5.004 or later
  • MySQL 3.23 or later

Nearly any machine running Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Mac OS X with a 250 MHz or greater processor will be able to serve as an excellent A1 Support server.

There are also many hosting companys which offer Perl and MySQL as part of their standard hosting plans.

Past experience has shown that most shared hosting facilities can normally handle the A1 Support load generated by 10 - 50 new support cases per day. This typically adds between 10 - 20 MB of storage requirements per year (held in the MySQL database). After 3 years it is often necessary to "purge" the MySQL database of older entries.

For organizations which estimate that they will be servicing more than 50 new support cases per day, it is recommended that these organizations consider a dedicated server for their needs. A 250 MHz Pentium, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB drive will normally more than suffice.

Please contact us through our support page should you need a recommendation of hosting companies which offer such services (either shared or dedicated servers).