PowerStart - Your Key to Attracting and Keeping Web Visitors...Day after Day


Installation & Use

Server Requirements


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Installation: (should take between 10 - 20 minutes)

  1. Put the PowerStart Perl files (.pl) in your server's CGI directory. Enable them for execution (normally 755 permission).


  2. Create a new directory named "powerstart" so that this directory can be accessed via a browser (typically in a "www" directory). Load all of the HTML (.htm suffix) files of the PowerStart package into this directory.


  3. Upload the "images" directory and all the files within it into the "powerstart" directory.


  4. Edit the files "powerstart_new.htm" and "powerstart_login.htm" so that the form calls the script from your server (replace YOURSERVER with the domain name of your actual server, also making sure that the CGI directory is correctly listed).


  5. Open the perl file "powerstart_config.pl" with a text editor. Make the necessary changes to this file for your specific site. To make these changes you will need to know:


    • the host of your MySQL server (if any)
    • your MySQL database name
    • your MySQL user name (login)
    • your MySQL password
    • the full pathname of the "powerstart" directory which you created
    • the HREF (URL) to access the "powerstart" directory
    • the HREF (URL) to access your CGI directory
    • the full pathname of your email program (typically '/usr/sbin/sendmail' on UNIX based systems)
    • a notification email address for notification of new PowerStart accounts
    • an activation email address which is the "From" address in the email sent to new users

    Save the "powerstart_config.pl" file after all changes have been made.

  6. Run the perl script: "powerstart_setup.pl" from your browser. Typically this would be done by entering a URL as follows (or something similar, depending on the name of your CGI directory):




    This script creates all the MySQL database tables needed for PowerStart. You should see the message:


    All PowerStart MySQL Tables Created.
    You should now be able to create new PowerStart Accounts.


    If you receive any other message, you must determine and fix the problem before proceeding.

  7. You have successfully installed PowerStart. You can now offer users to create their own accounts.