PowerStart - Your Key to Attracting and Keeping Web Visitors...Day after Day


Installation & Use

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1. A user first creates a new PowerStart account. This is performed through the page : "http://yourserver.com/powerstart/ps_new.htm"

2. After the user submits his data, a new account is created and the user is sent an activation email message. The user must receive this link and click on it to activate his account.

3. Once the account is activated, the user can login to their PowerStart account and set it up: "http://yourserver.com/powerstart/ps_login.htm"

4. The user then proceeds to add pages as desired to each weekday. Pages can be copied between weekdays, simplifying setup.

5. The user can create a desktop document which automatically logs them into their PowerStart account by dragging the URL to the desktop. Upon double clicking this document, PowerStart will determine the day of the week and automatically open all the pages a user has designated to be opened for that weekday.

6. A user can add and delete pages to any weekday as desired.