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1. Install GURL Watcher with the installer. This will install the GURL Watcher extension into your extensions folder. The GURL Watcher FBA is a faceless background application and will run without being shown in the list of running applications.

2. Configure GURL Watcher with the GURL Watcher Setup utility. You MUST configure GURL Watcher before turning it on (it will NOT run unconfigured).

3. Turn on GURL Watcher with the Setup utility. GURL Watcher will also automatically start each time you restart your machine.

NOTE: GURL Watcher will only work for one (1) hour while in trial mode. You can register GURL Watcher online and immediately receive your registration key.

Control, Setup and Registration (see illustration below)

Section 1 - FBA Control (on/off)

The GURL Watcher FBA can be manually turned on and off with one of the two buttons in this section. If the FBA is running, then the "Turn Off" button is active. If the FBA is not running, then the "Turn On" button is active.

GURL Watcher must first be configured before it can be turned on.

Section 2 - Setup

GURL Watcher can be configured to either save URLs to a file or send them to a designated email address. This setup is performed in the Settings section of the GURL Watcher Setup Utility.

Save URLs to File

When this option is chosen, you must create a file which directly stores the URLs. You do this by clicking the "Create File" button. This file can created on a local or remote volume (remote volumes must be already mounted). You can open the file at any time with any browser (the file is a HTML file and the default creator is Internet Explorer).

Send URLs via Email

When this option is chosen, all URLs are emailed to a designated email address at some preset time interval. To use this option you must enter :

  • your "Send to" email address
  • the "From" email address
  • the SMTP server (as provided by your ISP or network administrator)
  • the Subject of the email
  • a time interval in minutes (at which time all new URLs logged will be collectively sent to the destination email address).

There is also a PPP option. If the Internet connection is made via Remote Access (or some other dial up method), please check the box "PPP Connection". Otherwise GURL Watcher may attempt to send out the last remaining URLs in its buffer at shutdown (causing the PPP connection to be made). For "always on" type Internet connections, this is normally not a problem (cable, DSL, direct ethernet, etc.) and this PPP Connection option should be left unchecked.

After configuring all the email parameters, click the "Save Settings" button to save these settings into the GURL Watcher FBA.


You can optionally setup a password for the GURL Watcher Setup Utility. By entering a password you ensure that no unauthorized users will be able to launch the GURL Watcher Setup Utility to turn the FBA on or off nor make any setting changes. Just enter a desired password and click the "Save Settings" button. When you relaunch the GURL Watcher Setup utility, your window will appear as follows:

You must then enter your password and click the "OK" button to get the full GURL Watcher Setup window.

Section 3 - Registration

As mentioned earlier, the GURL Watcher FBA will run in trial mode for one-hour periods. In order to remove this limitation the software must be registered.

You can securely register GURL Watcher online by clicking the "Register Online" button in the Setup Utility, or the Registration link in the left column on this page. Registration costs $34.95. By registering online, your registration key will be immediately emailed to you.

Once you receive your registration key, you will enter your Name, Organization, Number of Copies and your custom generated Registration Key into their respective fields. You then click the "Save Registration" button to complete the process. Clicking the "Save Registration" button sends your registration key to our server where it is verified. This is the ONLY information sent to our server (and this is ONLY done this one time). Once the key is verified at our server, the data is locally checked against the key and then stored into the GURL Watcher FBA.

We welcome any suggestions and comments regarding this application. Please send comments to

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