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How to Get Started

1. Download and install GURL Watcher for Windows. The installation will typically install a folder called "GURL" within your Program Files folder, and an icon for the GURL Watcher setup utility within your Control Panels.

You do NOT have to restart your machine after installation of GURL Watcher. However, you SHOULD first configure it using the "gurlsetup" utility. Double-click the "gurlsetup" icon to start the utility and choose your method(s) of notification.

IF you do not configure GURL Watcher, GURL Watcher will place all captured URLs in a file named "gurl.html". This file will reside in the same GURL folder where the "gurl" application resides.

2. After configuring GURL Watcher, click the "Turn On" button in the GURL Watcher Setup utility to start GURL Watcher. The GURL Watcher "gurl" application (faceless background application) will automatically run after this initial configuration and after each restart of the machine.

NOTE: GURL Watcher will only work for one (1) hour while in trial mode. You can register GURL Watcher online using the Registrer link above or with the "Register" button in the "gurlsetup" application. By registering online, you will immediately receive your registration key.

How to Remove GURL Watcher

To remove GURL Watcher, simply run the uninstaller. You can then drag any remaining items to the trash. (such as saved URL files).


Please see the Help page for detailed instructions on configuring GURL Watcher. This document also is contained in the GURL Watcher folder.

Viewing a Saved GURL Watcher File

The saved GURL Watcher file is a HTML document. This file can be viewed with any web browser.