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Search Monkey Pro for Windows and Mac OS X, $9.95 (USD)

Search the Internet from Any Application. Just hit your Control key twice, and the small Search Monkey Pro window pops to the foreground. Enter your search query, hit the return key, and presto! Search results appear in a new browser window.

Press Release Tracker for Windows and Mac OS X, $39.95 (USD)

Easily find the web sites, publications, news outlets, etc. which have picked up your Press Release. Find new outlets and contacts. See what your competitors are doing to get more press attention!

WWW Reference Maker for Windows, Macintosh Classic, and Mac OS X, $19.95 (USD)

In the time it takes you to read this you could capture all of your Internet references and automatically format them in APA, MLA or Columbia styles. Now supports paper references and generates citations.

VisiLaunch for Windows and Mac OS X, $49.95 (USD)

Link all your favorite apps, movies, mp3s, documents, folders, web sites, etc. to any region of any image. Create your own virtual worlds with VisiLaunch!

GURL Watcher for Windows, Macintosh Classic, and
Mac OS X, $19.95 (USD)

No filter lists. No subscriptions. Just plain and simple browser monitoring.

Spam Spade for Windows and Mac OS X, $99.95 (USD)

Immediately plot the location of nearly any IP address in world! Scan your email to determine from where it was delivered. Easily report spammers and infected machines to their ISPs.

PowerStart for Web Servers, Starting at $49.95

Your key to attracting visitors and keeping after day. Help users start their day the "PowerStart" way, automatically opening all the pages they want opened for each and every weekday.

A1 Support for Web Servers
Starting at $69.95

Affordable Server Based Support Ticket System.
Helping You Help Your Customers. Not only did we develop it...we USE it!

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