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Search Monkey Pro for Windows and Mac OS X

Search the Internet from Any Application. Just hit your Control key twice, and the small Search Monkey Pro window pops to the foreground. Enter your search query, hit the return key, and presto! Search results appear in a new browser window.

No more flipping between applications to get the spelling or punctuations correct. No need to first load a web page just to get the site's search box loaded. No more obnoxious browser toolbars.

Press Release Tracker for Windows and Mac OS X

Easily find the web sites, publications, news outlets, etc. which have picked up your Press Release. Find new outlets and contacts. See what your competitors are doing to get more press attention!

Press Release Tracker will pay for itself several times over. Not only will it help you determine the effectiveness of your press release style, but it will also help you identify new contacts and press release distribution outlets.

VisiLaunch for Windows and Mac OS X

Tired of searching through folders for favorite applications and documents? Want to get rid of that desktop clutter of icons everywhere? VisiLaunch can help. VisiLaunch lets you easily create links to apps, documents, folders, web sites, QuickTime movies and other layers over your favorite pictures (any image!).

Link all your favorite apps, movies, mp3s, documents, folders, web sites, etc. to any region of any image. Create your own virtual worlds with VisiLaunch!

Spam Spade for Windows and Mac OS X

Quickly display the location of nearly any IP address in the world in a fraction of a second. (searching a database of over 250 MBytes).

Scan designated email mailboxes, displaying from where each message came.

Quickly and accurately inform ISPs of infected machines on their networks.

Protect yourself and/or your organization from the fallout of clever viruses and new spam tactics.

WWW Reference Maker for Windows, Macintosh Classic, and Mac OS X

More formatting options!

One click to capture web related references. One click to build them in APA, MLA, or Columbia styles. There is no easier way to capture and build standard references from WWW sources.

In the time it takes you to read this you could capture all of your WWW references and format them in APA, MLA or Columbia styles.

GURL Watcher for Windows, Macintosh Classic, and Mac OS X

Take charge of what your children or employees are doing while online, without resorting to the often futile attempt of censorship or using complicated filtering software. GURL Watcher simply lets you monitor browser activity from anywhere.

No filter lists. No subscriptions. Just plain and simple browser monitoring.

A1 Support
Helping You Help Your Customers!

Full featured customer support system based on MySQL. Assigns tickets to support cases, keeps track of discussion threads. Support database is completely searchable. Also supports image uploading (screen shots).

Open a
support case to see how A1 Support works!

FREE A1 Support Installation!

Your key to attracting visitors and keeping after day.

PowerStart is like a smart bookmark manager which remembers which pages a user wants opened on which day of the week. Each day can easily be customized as to what pages should be automatically opened.

This keeps users coming back to your site...every morning of every day they are on the Internet.

Just click here to setup your own PowerStart account and see how it works!

Archive It Pro

Quick and fast way to back up your entire web site. (limited version available for free trial).

MySQL Monitor
A clean and simple browser frontend to MySQL. Easily dump, create, query, drop, and modify MySQL database tables. Password and IP address access security (so only permitted users can run MySQL Monitor).

Apache - Perl - MySQL
Mac OS X Users: build a commercial grade web server including relational database with Apache, Perl and MySQL. Step-by-step instructions for setting up MySQL and Perl on Mac OS X.

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